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News: Prof. Del-Claro releases two new books in 2010, in Brazil and Spain! More information is available in Portuguese and Spanish.


Prof. Kleber Del Claro


The ecology of interactions and animal behavior at this interface is the main research area developed by the laboratory coordinator, Kleber Del Claro.


Ant-plant-herbivore interactions have been object of several studies, including the projects with official support from the Brazilian governamental agencies. However, behavioral ecology of arthropods such as ants, pseudoscorpions and aracnids, mimicry, are of great interest to us.


Dr. Del-Claro also have students developing master and doctorate thesis in behavioral ecology, not only at UFU, but also in other state universities - Universidade de São Paulo (USP - FFCLRP - Entomology).


Colleagues of other countries, including students, are welcome in our lab!

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